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Meet the Dining & Catering Team

Great cuisine begins with a great chef, and Touro University is fortunate to have one of the top Kosher chefs in Northern California.  Chef Raymond Nottie, together with Chef Beau Jason Brown and their culinary team strictly follow Jewish dietary law that meets kosher dining requirements while delivering creative menu items made from scratch that appeal to our guests.

Chef Raymond Nottie

Chef Raymond Nottie

Executive Chef & Kitchen Manager
raymond.nottie@tu.edu / 707-638-5505

Raymond Nottie, a native of Mississippi, grew up watching his mom and grandmother cooking in the kitchen, learning at a young age that cooking comes from the heart.  Chef Nottie, a graduate of Laney College Culinary Arts program, has spent the last 25 years cooking from the heart and infusing his passion into his down-south style of cooking.  Raymond worked his way up through the ranks in the kitchens of Sodexo, Google, Facebook, Whole Foods, and UC Berkley to name a few until he earned his position as Executive Chef. Chef Nottie has led the culinary team at Touro University California since 2013 creating international dishes while adhering to kosher laws.

Beau Jason Brown

Chef Beau Jason Brown

Chef de Cuisine
beau.brown@tu.edu / 707-638-5304

Beau Jason Brown, a native of Jackson, Mississippi, began his career at the age of 13 working his way up in kitchens around the world from dishwasher to Executive Chef and from Mississippi to Europe finally settling down with his family in Northern California.  Chef Brown has spent 20 years cooking at The Greenbriar, Sea Island, and Hilton Hotels. Chef Brown has been an instructor and knife expert for Sur La Table and a team leader overseeing celebrity chefs in support of the Taste of the NFL charity event. As Chef de Cuisine for Touro University California, Chef Brown shares his talents with campus guests, faculty, students, and staff as he oversees the daily operations of the kitchen including the catering and vending operations of the Dining and Catering department.

Shana Dyer

Shana Dyer

Shana Dyer is an experienced Cashier, and can be found working at the Touro Bistro or Café. Shana also serves as the Dining and Catering Department’s Operations Coordinator, assisting the department with the expansion of vending operations on campus. Shana is a long time Solano County resident, and enjoys spending time with her family, especially with her niece and nephew, and volunteers her time to her community.  Shana loves all things related to Disneyland and cheering on her favorite team the San Francisco Giants.


Menachem Dorfman

Menachem Dorfman attended Talmudic Seminary Oholei Torah and Yeshiva Gedolah of Greater Miami before coming to Touro University California to work as a Mashgiah for Dining and Catering Services. His prior experience in kosher kitchen implementation and laws is called upon daily in his supportive role to the Executive Chef and Chef de Cuisine.  The University Mashgiach is also responsible for receiving all food and non-food goods for the department. As someone who enjoys experiencing new scenarios in life, Menachem brings a sense of adventure to the team. 


Menachem Wolfe

Menachem Wolfe attended Yeshiva College of Greater Miami and Phoenix Community College. He started at Touro University California in September of 2016 with a background devoted to his Jewish heritage and religion through work and volunteer experience.  As a Mashgiach for the University, he serves in a supportive role to the Executive Chef and Chef de Cuisine and is responsible for enforcing the Kashrut standards for kitchen duties. The University Mashgiach is also responsible for receiving all food and non-food goods for the department.  Being part of the team for Dining and Catering Services, Menachem considers himself to be an all-around happy and easy person to work with and enjoys meeting new people.

Tracy Chappelone

Tracy Chappelone

Tracy Chappelone is a baker dedicated to her profession and has been a great addition to the Touro University California Dining and Catering Services team.  Tracy can be described as someone who can create a delicious masterpiece with just a few ingredients, and truly enjoys her profession.   Make sure you try one of Tracy’s incredible cookies.

“Tracey Chappelone and her incredible baking skills  were a huge treat. Her scones are incredible, as our attendees were fortunate enough to find out; whenever we have info sessions, we have her granola bars, which are hugely popular.” ~ Julie Charles, MBA

Chris Mello

Chris Mello

Chris Mello, a Cashier for Touro University California Dining and Catering Services, has been described as someone who gives great friendly customer service and has a warm and kind presence.

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