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Meet the Dining & Catering Team

Great cuisine begins with a great chef, and Touro University is fortunate to have one of the top Kosher chefs in Northern California.  Chef Raymond Nottie with the culinary team strictly follow Jewish dietary law that meets kosher dining requirements while delivering creative menu items made from scratch that appeal to our guests.

Chef Raymond Nottie

Chef Raymond Nottie

Executive Chef & Kitchen Manager
raymond.nottie@tu.edu / 707-638-5505

Raymond Nottie, a native of Mississippi, grew up watching his mom and grandmother cooking in the kitchen, learning at a young age that cooking comes from the heart.  Chef Nottie, a graduate of Laney College Culinary Arts program, has spent the last 25 years cooking from the heart and infusing his passion into his down-south style of cooking.  Raymond worked his way up through the ranks in the kitchens of Sodexo, Google, Facebook, Whole Foods, and UC Berkley to name a few until he earned his position as Executive Chef. Chef Nottie has led the culinary team at Touro University California since 2013 creating international dishes while adhering to kosher laws.

 Denis Collins

Denis Collins

Event Services Manager

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Michael Tynan

Food and Beverage Manager
707-638-5506 / cell: 707-638-5512

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