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Steps for a Successful Departmental Event:

  • All University Departments wishing to hold an event on campus must gain approval from their Dean, Program Chair, Director or supervisor authorized to approve costs associated with events.
  • After receiving authorization you can then contact the Master Calendar Committee {insert name/phone/email link} to secure a date. The Master Calendar Committee meets every two weeks.
  • Once you have secured a date you will need to reserve the appropriate space/rooms through the EMS system. If you do not have permission to book space in EMS you will need to meet with the Department Administrative Assistant.
  • If tables, chairs, or other facility work is needed you will need to submit a request that meets the needs of the set up requirement for your event to the facilities department. {Room Rental pdf}
  • Complete an IT request for any audio-visual needs.
  • Meet with Chef Brown for any catering needs.
  • Arrangements for payment to Food Service must be made prior to the through university PO. This should be done at least one month but no later than two weeks prior to the event and. If the requests are submitted less than 2 weeks in advance it could mean that Facilities, IT and DCS may not be able to accommodate your event. If it is warranted, you may request a meeting with facilities, IT, and DCS to discuss the set up for the event.

For more information on planning your event visit: http://dining.tu.edu/planyourevent.html