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Plan Your Event

To assist you in planning your event you will need to determine the following:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Department /Student Organization/Company name, telephone number and e-mail address of person filling the reservation
  • Type of function and service style (breakfast, lunch, seated dinner, buffet dinner, snack break, reception)
  • Estimated number of guests - to be confirmed by email or in writing 72 hours before event
  • Menu - including special dietary requirements such as vegan or allergies
  • Location and Venue - Verification that the venue has been booked with the room set-up noted in EMS.
  • Room Set-Up – Consult with Catering Manager to determine how best to arrange your tables, chairs, buffet table, or any furnishings in the room.
  • Type of service desired (i.e.: buffet or served, paper or china)
  • Floral arrangements, linen color and other specialty decor items desired can be arranged for additional costs.
  • Guest Parking on campus is limited and does require permits. Guests of TUC will need special one-day parking permits. You may contact the food and beverage manager for special one-day permits or reserving parking spaces on campus at (707)638-5506. 
  • Pricing and billing are based on a number of factors including your menu, guaranteed guest count, style of service, labor, and any additional charges for accessories and decorations

Service Standards

The Culinary Team at TUC strives to achieve the following service standards:

  • All events should be ready 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time
  • One catering attendant is provided for every four tables for a buffet event
  • One catering attendant is provided for every 25 guests at social receptions
  • All tables are draped.
  • Disposable products are usually provided for served events with kitchen facilities unless china, glass, and silverware are requested. Disposable products will be used for deliveries, pick-up orders, or if the kitchen facilities are closed.

Event Duration

TUC is a busy campus that often hosts multiple events in the some of the same places on the same day. Therefore, to assist in the planning of events, the following are the allotted time periods for different styles of events (all buffets must not exceed 1 ½ hours in duration):

  • Social Receptions – a maximum of four hours
  • Served Dinners (with program) – a maximum of three hours
  • Buffet Meals (with program) – a maximum of three hours
  • Buffet Meals (no program) – maximum of 1 ½ hours
  • Continental Breakfasts – a maximum of one hour


Advance Notice

We strongly recommend placing your order as early as possible.  While every effort is made to accommodate all catering requests, late orders hinder our operational efficiency and effect menu availability. You are required to place your order with the Catering Sales Manager at least 2 weeks prior to the date of your event.  Any changes after a week prior to you scheduled event will result in a $75.00 charge per change.

Please note that there are food item and ingredient restrictions due to Kosher laws or Judaic beliefs that must be followed.  This may impact your request.  Please check with the TUC Master Calendar for kitchen closures (i.e. Passover).

Special Orders

TUC Dining and Catering are skilled at preparing a wide variety of specialty dishes, per your request, using their own recipes or those provided by our guests. If your event includes specific/specialty recipes you will need to allow additional 4 week time frame to the date of your event in order to ensure all ingredients are available, the recipe can be converted or modified to kosher standards, costed and priced out, and have the recipe tested. If specialty items are not available through our vendors and must be secured elsewhere, an additional 5% charge will be added to the price of the items to cover labor and travel costs.