Catering Policies

  1. Exclusivity: TUC Dining and Catering is the exclusive caterer for on the Mare Island California campus and all sponsored events. TUC Dining and Catering will provide all food and beverages. No other outside entity may provide kosher or non-kosher catering services without written permission from Rabbi Tenenbaum and prior consent from TUC Dining and Catering Service’s first right of refusal. 

    Room Arrangements:

    1. Client guests will be admitted to the meeting/banquet room(s) and are expected to depart at the time stated on the Banquet Event Order.
    2. TUC is not responsible for damages to or loss of any items left in the University prior to or following any events.
    3. Any items to be put in any meeting room, banquet, or on any wall on campus must first be approved by the Catering Sales Manager.
    4. All TUC facilities are non-smoking.
    5. Events may incur room rental fees, security fees, or equipment fees depending on the type and size of event.
    6. The maximum length of any event is four (4) hours, if your event is scheduled to exceed four (4) hours, prior approval is required. No event may go past 10:00pm. 


    Reservations & Menu Selection:

    1. A minimum of 10 people are required for any catered event during regular business hours at TUC, any exceptions will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Large events will require meetings with the TUC Dining and Catering team.
    2. A minimum food order of $2500 is required for all weekend catering events ( Sunday 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.).
    3. Booking a catered event requires a two-week minimum notice for all campus events. All events are subject to TUC Dining & Catering approval and kitchen availability. Menu choices may be limited.
    4. Menu selection must be completed ten business days prior to the event date. TUC Dining and Catering will try to accommodate late requests but options will be limited to the Chef's weekly menu item for the day of the event.
    5. Menu changes to the agreed upon menu made less than a week prior to the event date will result in an administrative charge of $75.00 per change.
    6. Due to fluctuations in food costs and seasonal market pricing, menu pricing is subject to change.
    7. Due to regulations of the Health Department and in line with catering industry standards, any food not consumed at the event may not be removed except by TUC Dining and Catering staff.  No credit will be given for unused food or under attended events.  TUC purchases and many of our products are from outside kosher vendors. Should a vendor fail to deliver an order in a timely fashion, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable menu item.


    Guarantees and Cancellations:

    1. It is imperative TUC Dining and Catering be notified of the guaranteed guest count within a week prior to the date of your event. If a guarantee of attendance is not received within a week prior to your event, the estimated attendance, as indicated on the Catering Request Form, will become the guaranteed attendance that TUC Dining and Catering will prepare the agreed upon menus and the count you will be charged for.   You will be billed for the guaranteed guest count, or the number of guests served, whichever is greater.  Any requests to increase the guaranteed guest count after a week prior to your event will result in a $75.00 charge per change.
    2. If a scheduled event is canceled within 24 hours of the requested delivery time; the reserving party will be responsible for payment in full to TUC.  If a canceled event has been quoted an additional 18% staffing charge for after-hours labor that fee will be waived along with any delivery fees.
    3. Events with a value of $500 or more canceled within five business (5) days of the event date will result in a 25% of the total cost of the event as a cancellation fee.  Events less than $500.00 in value will be subject to the cost of all food items purchased and/or prepared.
    4. The University reserves the right to cancel the event due to emergency situations and/or severe inclement weather or natural disaster.

    Delivery Fees

    1. Any delivery beyond Mare Island will have a minimum delivery charge of $75.00.
    2. If deliveries are requested beyond 5 miles from campus, an additional charge of $3.00/mile of total trip miles will be included in the final bill.
    3. Food may be picked up if groups choose to avoid this charge; if in accordance with California Food Safety Laws. 


    Fees and Taxes

    1. Non-campus events are responsible for all federal, state (8.375%) and municipal (1.00%) taxes which may be imposed or be applicable to the Banquet Event Order and to the services rendered by TUC are in addition to the prices herein agreed upon, and the client agrees to pay them separately.
    2. 2.  Non-campus events will be charged an Administrative Fee of eighteen percent (18%) applied to the Catering Request Form to offset labor and administration costs. This Administrative Fee is taxable and it is in addition to the herein agreed upon prices. The Administrative Fee is not a gratuity, but a charge to cover overhead, profit, and/or miscellaneous expenses.


    1. Off campus groups are responsible to obtain liability insurance for any damages, loss, or liability incurred by Touro University California by any of the group's guests or any persons or organizations contracted by the group to provide any service or goods before, during, and after the event.
    2. TUC will not be liable for nonperformance of this agreement when such nonperformance is attributable to labor troubles, disputes, accidents, government regulations of or restrictions upon travel or transportation, non-availability of food, beverages or supplies, riots, national emergencies, acts of God and other causes whether enumerated herein or not, which are beyond the reasonable control of TUC, preventing or interfering with TUC's performance.
    3. Any changes, additions, stipulations or deletions, must be made and agreed to in writing in a separate attached addendum and signed by both parties.
    4. If the group wishes to hire outside vendors to provide any goods or services at TUC during the event, TUC may, in its sole discretion, require such vendors provide TUC, in form and amount reasonably satisfactory to TUC, an indemnification agreement, copy of a valid business license and proof of adequate insurance.
    5. The parties agree, in the event litigation relating to this Agreement is filed by either party, the non-prevailing party in such litigation will pay the prevailing parties costs resulting from litigation, including reasonable attorney's fees.
    6. No food or beverage prepared by TUC staff is permitted to leave the event venue.


    1. Events involving the service of alcoholic beverages will comply with the State of California's policies governing such services. The individual designated as in charge of the event will accept responsibility to assist with compliance by the group with all State laws as needed.
    2. TUC Catering policy stipulates a maximum alcohol service of three and one-half hours. This policy also designates alcohol service must end one-half hour prior to the conclusion of events greater than two hours in length.
    3. TUC Dining and Catering reserves the right to restrict service of alcoholic beverages in compliance with the State of California and the policies of TUC. We reserve the right to request age identification from anyone attending the event.
    4. For student groups, approval for use of alcohol must be obtained from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. If approval is granted, the group is responsible for obtaining an alcohol permit and liability insurance. The Dean of Students will provide information on how to secure these items should you have any questions. Additionally, depending on the size of the event there may be a charge for additional security.


    Event Labor

    1. Plated events will incur an 18% additional labor charge. All events with 25 people or more will also incur an 18% charge. These charges will always be applied to after-hours or off-site events. After-hours are from before 8:00am and later than 4:00pm weekdays, and Sunday all day.
    2. Decoration and design for events is the sole responsibility of TUC for the areas it intends to serve food and beverages. We will gladly coordinate event themes and needs by appointment during the pre-event consultation. Any additional decorating or event coordination needs will result in additional charges to the event invoice, and will be looked at on a case by case basis.
    3. Charity or Fundraising Events are determined on a case by case basis and by appointment only.