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Steps for a Successful Student Event:

  • All Student groups wishing to hold an event on campus must register the event with the Associate Dean of Students.
  • After receiving permission from the Associate Dean you can then contact Dr. Irene Favreau at 707-638-5854/irene.favreau@tu.edu with the Master Calendar Committee to secure a date. The Master Calendar Committee meets once a month.
  • Once you have secured a date you will need to reserve the appropriate space/rooms through the EMS system . To do this, you will need to meet with the Administrative Assistant in Student Affairs.
  • If tables, chairs, or other facility work is needed you will need to submit a request that meets the needs of the set up requirement for your event to the facilities department.
  • Complete an IT request for any audio-visual needs.
  • Meet with the Denis Collins denis.collins@tu.edu for any catering needs.
  • Arrangements for payment to Dining and Catering Services must be made prior to the event either through a personal or SGA check or by credit card. This should be done at least one month prior to the event. If the requests are submitted less than one month in advance it could mean that Facilities, IT, and DCS may not be able to accommodate your event. If it is warranted, you may request a meeting with facilities, IT, and DCS to discuss the set up for the event.

For more information on planning your event visit: https://dining.tu.edu/planyourevent.html